Hi, I'm Walton.
I am a Full Stack Developer living in Asheville, NC

Need help building a beautiful website, or a poweful web application? I am your guy!


Services I Offer

With experience in a wide range of fields, I do these things so that you can focus on what you do best. 

Full Stack Development

My developer toolkit includes HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript / JQuery, React, PHP, WordPress, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, and experience with numerous other technical concepts. This means that wether you need a basic website, a complicated web application or something in between, I can help! Click “Read More” below to learn about what these skills can do for you.

Blockchain Expertise

With five years of deep involvement in the blockchain space, I am one of the few people who can call myself a Blockchain Expert. My current work in the blockchain space is as a consultant and an educator. This work has manifested itself in the creation and maintenance of blockteq.com, a complete educational resource on Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency.

Social Media Management

As a digital native who has spent a majority of my time on this planet with a social media account, social media is second nature to me. With social media being essential to any marketing strategy, you need someone who can do your business justice on social media. I am that person. Click “Read More” below to learn how I can help grow your following and your business.

“I cannot recommend Walton enough. He is one of the best all-around people I have worked with over the course of a long career. He really cared about our mission and helped us way beyond what he was asked to do. You will never regret using him for your projects.”

-- Marianne Gouveia, Executive Director of Ericshouse.org